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The ensemble, centered around the bassoon, a heavy but nevertheless elegant reed instrument, is the crucial element of all music played by reeds. It belongs to the basic complement of all symphonic orchestras. The members of MUNICH BASSOONS assembled in the summer of 1986 after performances  in Italy. At this time the idea was conceived to seriously present classical music players of four bassoons and demonstrate the charm and uniqueness of this instrument.

The four bassoonists are members of the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, with Conductor Mr. Lorin Maazel and the State Orchestra of Bavaria. The Volinist joined the group from Vienna and lends a special "Note" to the overall sound. To broaden the repertoire, especially in the field of popular music, a percussionist has been added.

The repertoire of the MUNICH BASSOONS consists of original compositions and arrangements of classical and romantic music, as well as popular music and Jazz. Among them are: Telemann, Mozart, Schubert, Rossini, Grieg, Prokofjew, Kolbinger, Elgar, Kreisler, Monti, Gershwin, Joplin, Beatles and Hodges.

The unusual instrumentation with violin and drums led the MUNICH BASSOONS to various festivals in Italy and to a great number of performances throughout Germany,such as Schleswig-Holstein-Festival, Regensburger Frühling, Festival Mitte Europa, Rheingau Musik Festival, Hanauer Kultursommer etc.

Recordings of broadcasts an television performances helped to make MUNICH BASSOONS known to a greater public.

In the past years three CD-recordings came out. They are produced in a co-production by the Bayerischer Rundfunk and OBLIGAT, LA VERGNE CLASSICS (LAVER 090251) and FAGOTTISSIMO (published by the ensemble). On the last CD we play compositions from Karl Kolbinger in various complements, from Trio to sextet, from contrabassoon to Heckelphon, together with Violin and sometimes with a drummer.

The members of ensemble:       MUNICH BASSOONS

Fagottissimo München

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                                         Thomas C. Wolf,                                   Markus Steckeler
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